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Appliance Repair Montclair

Dishwasher Repair

Although all dishwashers serve the same purpose; it is not fair to say they are all the same. Some makes and models are offer a larger capacity; while others are smaller, but just as effective. Since the first mechanical dishwasher was invented 150 years ago these units have gone through a lot of changes. Our professionals at Appliance Repair Montclair know how important it is to keep up on the latest technological advances. The more we know about your appliance; the better we can serve you with the best dishwasher repair in Montclair, New Jersey.

There are many different dishwashing units on the market today. You can choose from drawer, countertop, built-in and portable models for your home. If you need dishwasher installation for any of these units just call Appliance Repair Montclair and we will set up a service time that is good for you. To be a thorough and effective service technician on these appliances one must have some electrical and plumbing skills to properly connect the units to the water and electrical supply.

The best way to install your unit really depends on your personal preference and whether or not you are engaged in a new installation or replacing an existing model. Your dishwasher will either be hard wired right into the circuit or it can be equipped with a plug and inserted into a receptacle. Hardwiring is popular in new installations, whereas existing units already using receptacles are a more convenient way to go. We excel at installation, but also specialize in dishwasher repair.

Our friendly technicians utilize impeccable dishwasher troubleshooting skills to locate and resolve issues with your unit. We stock our trucks with all the basic dishwasher components that might be needed for a standard repair. Our recommendation is to check out our dishwasher maintenance packages, which are designed to prevent repair needs. Let our experts at Montclair Appliance Repair take care of all these services for you.

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